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Automatic Tithing

Making a recurring donation has never been so simple.  In order to use our "Automatic Donations" option you will need to use our "Internet Gateway" processing option.  The gateway ( DowCommerce ) has a build in recurring billing feature.  We do not charge a setup fee for the Internet Gateway, and the Recurring Billing Option is included at no additional cost to churches and religious organizations.

Here's how the "Automatic-Tithing" program works.

If you have a website

The first thing you will do is login to your DowCommerce account and go to the "Recurring Billing" option. From this menu you can configure multiple Recurring Billing Options (Example: Give $50 every week / Give $50 every month / Give $200 ever month, etc). You can add as many different options as you would like.

The gateway will then generate the code that you will need to place on your website.

From there, just direct your members to visit your site to sign up for the "Automatic Tithing" program.

Their first donation will be instant, and then it will be automatic based up on the plan they signed up for. Each week or month they will receive an automatic "receipt" email showing their transaction.

If you don't have a website

If you don't have have a website we have a couple different options for you.

The easiest option would be to have us build and host for you a very simple "Mini-Site" that will allow your visitors to go and sign up for the "Automatic Tithing" program (There is a small nominal charge for this).

The second option would be to have your members sign an "Automatic Tithing" authorization form. You will then manually enter their information into the online system. This takes a bit more work on your part, but once they are in the system, everything will be totally automated. We can provide you with a "template" that you can use to draft your authorization form from.