Church Fundraising Ideas

Church fundraising is a great way to earn extra money for your church while also building member relationships. Church fundraising provides an effective way to reach out to the community for contributions as well as to spread the word about your Church. There are so many different ideas for fundraising that choosing the right one for your Church can be an overwhelming task. In this article we will suggest some great ideas. We will also talk about how you can make it easy by receiving credit and debit card donations.

Now we will look at some of the more common Church fundraising ideas and how they can benefit your church.

Bake Sale
Bake sales are a great way to get everyone together and strengthen the bond with your church.

Yard Sale
Doing a big yard sale in the church parking lot on Saturday morning is a great way to raise funds. You can get people to donate their items for a general sale, sell tables like a flea market does, or even let people sell things from their trunks.

Community Cleanup
Basically, your workers get pledges of so much per pound of trash collected and hauled away. This works especially well when the area being cleaned up is a visible location such as the side of a main road.

Car Wash
Car wash fundraiser is a summer staple and great for having some fun in the sun. Church groups can always count on it to raise hundreds of dollars for the church.

Easter Lillies
Have these beautiful flowers available for sale a few weeks before Easter. You can plant them a few months before Easter and nurture them or just buy them already grown. With a cost of only a couple of dollars apiece, it's a great moneymaker.

Wristband Fundraiser
These low-cost silicone bracelets can be ordered in bulk with your slogan of choice for well under a $1. The right color combination and message can create a huge demand. Consider phrases such as Got Faith?, WWJD, Trust Your Faith, etc.

Pancake Breakfast
A big breakfast is a great draw when there is a good cause behind it. A pancake breakfast fundraiser is easy to do and very low cost. Place a big jar labeled 'donations' right next to the cash register.

Accepting Credit Card and Debit Card donations

To really streamline the process you could offer your contributors the ability to contribute to the church fundraiser using their debit or credit card. This would allow them to easily make a donation without the hassle of dealing with cash. A lot of people don't carry cash or check anymore because it isn't convenient. Instead they carry credit and debit cards.

To accept credit and debit card contributions you would need a way to process credit cards. There are lots of options including point of sale terminals, and online payment gateways.

In this article we talked about some great church fundraising ideas and also how to make it easy for people to contribute with their credit and debit card.