Types of Church Fundraising

Church fundraising is a great way to earn extra money for your church while also building member relationships. Church fundraising provides an effective way to reach out to the community for contributions as well as to spread the word about your Church. There are so many different types of fundraising that choosing the right one for your Church can be an overwhelming task. In this article we will talk about the different types of fundraising. We will also talk about how you can make it easy by receiving credit and debit card donations.

Types of Church Fundraisers

Direct Sales Fundraiser
Your Church Group orders an inventory of fundraising products to be sold by your volunteers. The product is provided to your volunteers who sell the product, deliver it, and collect payment, usually in one trip.

Pre-sales Fundraiser
This is also called brochure sales or catalog sales. Your Church Group volunteers are each provided a fundraising brochure to show potential supporters and an order form. Supporters select products from the brochure and record the order on the order form. Once your members are done, all order forms are tallied and sent to the fund raising company which ships the products to the contact person for your group fundraiser. Your members and volunteers then deliver the products to your supporters.

On-line Fundraiser
On-line fundraising is generally handled in one of two ways. In the first, a personalized website for your group is created. You encourage supporters to purchase products or services from that site and you receive a percentage of sales. The second way is to have a coded link on your organizations website that will take the visitor to a personalized page on a company's product site. Again, you encourage supporters to make purchases through the coded link and your group receives a percentage of the sales.

Special Event Fundraiser
These types of fundraisers usually consist of setting up an event and inviting people to participate. Events such as dinners, plays, car washes, raffles, and auctions are common but there are lots more to consider.

Accepting Credit Card and Debit Card donations
Once you've successfully setup your church fundraiser, you can ask for contributions through written letters, on your website, by email, or in flyers and newsletters. Make sure to include good instructions on how contributions can be made. Contributions could be a weekly offering, monthly withdrawal or a one-time donation, depending on the member's choice.

To really streamline the process you could offer your contributors the ability to contribute to the fund raiser using their debit or credit card. This would allow them to easily make a donation without the hassle of dealing with cash. A lot of people don't carry cash or check anymore because it isn't convenient. Instead they carry credit and debit cards.

To accept credit and debit card contributions you would need a way to process credit cards. There are lots of options including point of sale terminals, and online payment gateways.

In this article we talked about the different types of church fundraising and also how to make it easy for people to contribute with their credit and debit card.