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Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc. Announces HolyProcessing.com
In an effort to provide Religious Organizations and Churches with an easy way to automate their member donations, Capital Merchant Solutions has launched HolyProcessing.com

HolyProcessing.com has setup a unique program where Religious Institutions can accept credit card payments from their members for donations and tithing. This program also allows for “Automatic Contributions” to be setup, making it easy to receive donations from members on a recurring basis. Church Fund Raising has never been so easy when done through low cost credit card processing.

HolyProcessing.com has also developed a great method that will allow religious organizations to refer their members that own businesses for their credit card processing needs. HolyProcessing.com will guarantee to save the members money on their merchant account. On top of that, once they start processing credit cards, HolyProcessing.com will send the Religious Organization a check every month for 20% of the net profits made from the member accounts.

HolyProcessing.com makes it easy for Religious Organizations and their members to accept and process credit card payments. HolyProcessing.com also offers a number of other payment processing services such as wireless terminals, swipe terminals, and online processing. For more information visit www.HolyProcessing.com