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Does your church need a loan?

Internet Gateway Processing Option:

Secure, Online Credit Card Processing! 

You no longer need a Point of Sale credit card terminal to accept credit card payments. Using our secure internet gateway, you are able to process credit card transaction from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet. The Virtual Terminal that Capital Merchant Solution's offers is perfect for any business. It doesn't matter if you are a huge church, a small "Home Based" business, or a huge online storefront, if you are looking for a secure, reliable processing method, at a very affordable price (FREE Setup), we have just what you need! 

Capital Merchant Solutions Inc is a reseller for all major payment gateways such as Authorize.net, Verisign and Plug-N-Pay. These are all excellent gateways that we can provide. However, the gateway that we highly recommed is the DowCommerce Payment Gateway. This is a very robust gateway that we are actually waiving the setup fee on for all Churches and Religious orginazations. The setup on this is normally $249.

How does DowCommerce work? 

There are several parts to the online payment gateway... 

The Virtual Terminal 
With the virtual terminal you will be able to process new credit card sales, give credit card refunds, and even void transactions. The Virtual Terminal even has full "Reporting" features. It's very simple to learn how to use the virtual terminal... Here are the steps...

  • You logon to your secure DowCommerce account. (Using the UserName & Password that we provide you) 
  • You then enter your customer's payment information. (Name, Address, CC# , Exp, $ Amt, etc) 
  • You next hit the "Process" button. 
  • You get an "Approved / Declined" response back almost instantly. 
  • The money is automatically deposited in your checking account. (Typically within 48 hours). 


Realtime Integration
The realtime link can be setup to work with your web site... When you logon to DowCommerce, you will be provided with HTML coding that will need to be integrated into your current web site by your webmaster, and then when a customer (or member) pays with a credit card from your website, their card is charged automatically, and your shopping cart system will send you an email that the payment has been approved with a copy of the customer's (or member's) transaction. A simple shopping cart is built into to the DowCommerce gateway, making the whole site integration process very simple. 

Automatic Billing
The is one of our favorite features. This feature allows you to automatically accept donations (or charge customers) on a recurring basis. You are able to place coding on your website that would allow your members to sign up for an automatic recurring billing. For example you put code on your site that say "Donate $25 every week". The member click this button and they automatically get enrolled into a program that charges them $25 every week. You have full control over setting these parameters. The feature is so powerful that we have an entire web page dedicated to explaining how to setup "Automatic Tithing" using it. View more details on Automatic Tithing.

If you have a website, and you sell products, sell service, or want to accept donations through it, then an Internet Payment Gateway (DowCommerce) is highly recommended.

If have have no desire at all to reap the rewards of using the internet, then be sure to visit our "Swipe Options" page.