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Does your church need a loan?

Processing Options

HolyProcessing.com offers all payment processing options you will ever need.

Automatic Billing

We have a very unique system in place that will allow you to a setup “Automatic Payments” from your members. Our “Automatic Giving” system will allow your members to make weekly or monthly “donations” automatically. They simply sign up one time, and the rest is automatic. For full details on this please visit our “Automatic Tithing” page. The “Automatic Billing” feature can also be used by any business owner that has recurring billing customers, such as Health Clubs, Membership websites, Clubs, etc.

Credit Card Machines

If you need a “Swipe Machine”, we offer a full range of state of the art credit card pos terminals. We offer a Free Credit Card Terminal program to any religious organization or business owner that needs one. All other terminals that we offer, we sell at “below wholesale” rates.  For complete details on our credit card terminals, take a look at our “Swipe Terminals” page.

Internet Processing

If your religious organization or business wants to stay competitive, they must have a web presence.  We can give you the ability to accept credit card payments from your website.  We offer every major online payment gateway including Authorize.net, Verisign, DowCommerce, and PlugNPay.  Our internet payment gateways will give you the ability to both accept credit cards from your website, as well as “key enter” transactions that you accept by mail or over the phone.  For complete details on our “Internet Processing” options, please visit our “Church Online Processing” page.