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Does your church need a loan?


HolyProcessing.com really does takes the term "fund raising" to a whole new level.

If your church is relatively small or just doesn't have a lot of "business" owners within it, our "Refer-A-Congregation" program can still help you earn a significant amount of money.  All you have to do is tell other churches or religious organizations about us. It's that simple. The more churches you refer, the more your your church will earn.

We will actually pay you an "override" for referring religious organization to us.  When you refer another church to us, we will register their organization, and get them setup in our system.  We will then pay them "20%" of the net profit we generate off of the accounts that are signed up through their ID. 

Next we will pay you 25% of whatever your "referrals" earn.  Example:  If you referred "Illinois Methodist Church" to us, and we send them a referral check for $1,000, we will also send you a referral check for $250.  ($1000 = Illinois Methodist Church's 20%,  $250 = Your 25% of their total commission).

There is no limit to how many churches that can be referred.  However, very shortly, we will begin marketing this program pretty heavily throughout the nation, so if you have organizations that you would like to refer, we highly encourage you to do so before we contact them first and sign them up directly.

It is not mandatory that you be a church to participate in our "Refer-A-Congregation" program.  We will pay the referral earnings out to an organization or an individual.  If you are a member of an association or any group that has a high percentage of "business owners" in it, we are eager to speak with you.  We have great flexibility with how our Merchant Account referral program can be setup.

Contact us today, we are eager to speak with you about our merchant account referral program.